As Portuma, Turkey’s first and only in-game advertising company, we announce partnership and investment news almost every week! In the past days, we announced that we had successfully completed our tests and our new partnership agreements with the game studios. As a result of our tests, we have seen that the Portuma integration works seamlessly in Android and Apple operating systems. All games that want to be integrated into the Portuma system are able to integrate without any problems and start earning money!

With the tests we conducted, we also ensured the integration of Portoken into the in-game advertising system. Our first official partner, Axell Studio’s Back Streets game, was successfully integrated into our system and gamers of Axell Studio started to earn POR.

We announced that we agreed with Happy Crab Game Studio, which has 50 million downloads and published games in 15 countries. As of now, with Portuma, advertisers can reach a total of 15 categories, 177 countries and more than 60 million people!


As our latest news, we are announcing that we have received a strategic investment from AdsYield with a valuation of 20 Million Dollars! AdsYield is a company that pools ads in programmatic advertising and brings these ads to target audiences. This agreement is important for us both financially and strategically. Together with AdsYield, we provide the opportunity to bring together the game companies integrated into our system with millions of advertisers globally. So, this investment round, managed by SmartUp Partners, is also important for game studios integrated into our system.