Portuma, Turkey’s first in-game advertising company, introduced its ecosystem consisting of games, in-game advertising and in-game economy. The launch took place on October 5 at Dedeman Istanbul Hotel with the participation of more than 500 people. Ece Üner was the host of the event, which was attended by many names from the gaming, advertising and blockchain world.

At the event, where Serdar Kuzuloğlu made the opening speech, the panel titled “Future of the Game Industry: Innovative Revenue Sources and Strategic Thinking” was moderated by egirişim founder Hilmi Öğütcü, while the panelists were Happy Crab Game Studio founder Havva Nur Solhan and Axell Studio game director Faruk Özşahin.

After the panel where the processes and advantages of game companies’ integration into Portuma were discussed, advertising infrastructure providers were invited to the stage for an interview. Adbreak managing partner Süleyman Karadeniz, Adsyield founder and managing director Oğuzhan Çakır, Admatic head of operations Cenk Türkoğlu came together in the panel titled “The Future of Advertising and the Interpretation of Data from the Perspective of Advertising Providers”.

The event continued with advertisers’ panels. Havas Istanbul CEO Cüneyt Devrim and Digital Rönesans founder Filiz Dağ took part in the panel titled “Integration of Brands into the In-Game World and Search for New Mediums”. Panelists touched on brands’ search for new channels and mentioned that they have been following the blockchain industry for many years.

Panelists of the panel titled ‘Technology, Games and Advertising: Academic Perspectives’; Bahçeşehir University Digital Game Design Department Head and Bug Lab founder Prof. Dr. Güven Çatak, Trakya Technopark General Manager Associate Professor Özgür Özdemir and Game Factory Founder Murat Kahraman, the panel was moderated by Turkish Game Association President Tansu Kendirli.

The last panel of the launch, “The World of the Future; Gate.io head of operations Kutluhan Akçın, Yula Labs CEO Yasemin Güleçyüz, Bzetmex CEO Erdoğan Turan and PlayStation/Axell Studio Senior Game Developer Ataberk Ateş took part in the conversation titled “Web3 Games and Blockchain Technology”.

Ozan Emrah Ünal, the founder of Portuma, talked about the market size of the in-game advertising industry and shared his goals in his presentation at the event. While Ünal stated that he aims to achieve a 5 percent share in the in-game advertising market by the end of 2024, he emphasized his goal of creating a technology leader from Turkey.

The launch also attracted attention with its entertaining experience areas. The formula car positioned in the foyer area allowed participants to experience racing and explore in-game advertising areas by wearing VR glasses.

Emin Çapa, who attracted the attention of the whole hall with his speech titled “Understanding Tomorrow, Being Ready for Tomorrow”, also hosted the closing. Speaking about the Portuma Launch, Ozan Emrah Ünal said, “This launch event provided the opportunity to share our technology, which we have been working on for a long time. We would like to thank our participants for sharing this great day with us.”