As the number of game enthusiasts is increasing investments in the highly demanding gaming sector are also experiencing a higher increase for being the potential for reaching new target audiences, especially in advertising.

Portuma CEO Emrah Unal said “While the movement in the in-game advertising sector, which is expected to reach a volume of 67 billion dollars in 2030, continues, innovations that will change the dynamics of the market continue to come. Finally, Portoken, the world’s first in-game advertising token, will be listed on MEXC on April 11.”

The global in-game advertising industry closed 2022 with 7 billion dollars and is expected to reach 67 billion dollars in 2030. Portuma registering its position in the in-game advertising industry with its success, announcing that the world’s first in-game advertising token, Portuma Token (POR), will be listed on MEXC on April 11.

New Listings are on the Way

Portuma CEO Ozan Emrah Ünal shared the following statement:

“Portoken was previously listed on BitMart, LBank, and PancakeSwap and is a project token rather than a crypto commodity. It will be listed on MEXC on April 11. In fact, we are following the cryptocurrency world closely and taking important steps toward globalization. Adding innovations to the market is what we do. Of course, we would like to give the best news that new listings are on the way, in this context.

According to the info derived from Emrah Unal, the company has more than 150 global advertising infrastructure providers in its ecosystem. The technology that is developed by Portuma Tech enables users to display in-game advertisements without harming the game experience.

Recently Portuma was accepted to the Google for Startups program and moved its servers to the Google Cloud. Also, Portuma is a member of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) which enables it to create advertising spaces in accordance with the standards of the IAB.

Portuma offers game studios 2 different integration options which are: in-game advertising and p2e (play to earn)

4 Million Active Daily Users

Explaining how the system works, Unal said: “In-game ad integration enables the placement of embedded ad spaces in games, enabling advertisers to reach innovative ad spaces and game studios to generate new revenue items. The play-to-earn integration works as a system that allows players to earn Portoken just by playing games. We currently operate in 177 countries in 15 different categories. In addition to having 4 million daily active users, we reach a total of 300 million downloads per day with game studios integrated into the ecosystem.”

200 Percent Increment in Game Time

Portuma CEO Emrah Unal made the following statements:

Portoken was included in the list of “Top 10 Highest Trust Score Metaverse Projects” by CertiK with MANA, Ceek, SandBox, and Radio CACA. Also, Portoken was invested by XT Labs, the investment fund of Singapore-based crypto exchange XT.

Axell Studio has previously produced blockchain-based games. Back Streets and Wonder Racer games are known to provide ‘play-to-earn’ integration. Portoken also paved the way for players to earn tokens while playing games, as well as for game studios and advertisers to earn additional income. Through the integration, it opened the door to a total of 80 million impressions in both games, while increasing the time spent in the game by 1,200 percent to 55 percent.”