Portuma announces partnerships with Virtual Tourist! Virtual Tourist is a VR gaming platform for learning, socializing, and earning with the Virtual Tourism concept.

Virtual Tourist is a pioneering project that bridges the metaverse and tourism industries, offering people the opportunity to explore different destinations from the comfort of their own homes while socializing in an engaging manner. As the metaverse concept gains traction, it is expected to have a profound impact on virtually every field, and tourism is no exception.

The pandemic has altered the perception of travel and is set to transform the industry into a digitalized realm. With Virtual Tourist, you can imagine yourself chatting with loved ones from atop the Eiffel Tower, experiencing the sounds and sights of the place. Similarly, you can envision conducting business meetings beside the Egyptian pyramids. Virtual Tourist makes these experiences more accessible, allowing you to take your place in the world of the future today.

About Portuma Project

Turkey’s first in-game advertising platform Portuma enables game developers and game studios to generate a sustainable, measurable, and secure income. Portuma draws the attention of gamers with its innovative and unique ad technology that does not harm the game flow.

Bringing together game developers, advertisers, and game studios in its ecosystem, Portuma creates a new advertising model by giving digital advertising a non-traditional space. It made the new revenue model accessible to game studios and advertisers. This allowed Portuma to open in-game ad spaces to real-time ad offers.

Integrated into the Portuma ecosystem; mobile, PC, MMORPG, and console game developers can increase the impression, retention, and download rates. Advertisers, on the other hand, can reach new audiences with the global advertising spaces they have gained access to.

Portuma has 5 million active users in 15 different categories and 177 countries and has brought more than 65 million downloads to game studios integrated into its ecosystem.