As Turkey’s pioneer company of in-game advertisement, we were at the Mobidictum Business Conference as the silver sponsor on September 5,6 which is the greatest game industry event in Europe!

Portuma is the leading company in Turkey in terms of in-game advertisement. We integrate advertisers’ and brands’ advertisements into the unique ad spheres in the games. While Portuma consisting a shared ecosystem for brands, advertisers, game studios, game developers, and gamers; we also provide a system in which everyone is winning within the integration of play, watch and earn.

As gamers integrated into the play, watch and earn system, they can also earn Portoken, a.k.a token of Portuma Project, without paying anything while they are playing! It is also crucial for game studios in terms of the benefit of increasing retention, impression, and download rates.

The Turk gaming industry draws all attention toward itself within the developments and innovative ideas and continues to grow every day. As the silver sponsor of Mobidictum Business Conference, Portuma meetens with the leading game studios and developers. We have expanded our network in the global market and having seminal speeches with the people of in-love with in-game!

Mobidictum Business Conference was one of the largest events that make global companies come together and pave the way for international collaborations to make happen!