Marketing starts to shift its way of everything. Habitual digital marketing trends are not abandoned or lose their effect. However, people tend to try new things, follow trends, and implement brand-new technologies. In-game advertising is one of them, of course.

Before we dive into the effects of in-game advertising over games via Portuma integration, we would like to talk about what indeed is in-game advertising.

What is In-Game Advertising?

In-game advertising might not be the exact thing you think it is. It’s neither replacing advertising in games nor advertisements in games. In-game advertising is a monetization strategy game studios use to boost their income. This innovative technology enables advertisements embedded in ad spaces in the games. Since ads are embedded, they don’t damage either the gameplay or the gamer.

Furthermore, game studios/publishers earn income via increased download and impression rates and get paid by the providers to show their ads to gamers. In-game advertising is different than the usual advertisement we got used to; ads are embedded and not emerging like pop-up ads. In-game advertising technology creates a fun, creative, and innovative game experience.

In-game advertising is a type of new channel in digital marketing that subconsciously takes place in gamers’ minds due to ad spaces naturally fitting in the game zone, even though they are visible.

In-game advertising creates a new area for publishers and advertisers. While advertisers can display their ads to a new target audience, publishers have more retention and impression rates due to the natural structure of in-game ads. Since they are not harmful to game flow and the gamers’ experience, the effects are remarkable for every participant in the ecosystem.

Effects of In-Game Advertising on Games with Portuma’s Technology

In general, through the in-game advertising spaces embedded into games, retention rates are increasing, and more gamers encourage to play. Since retentions are boosted, it enables the game will be more popular and experience an increment in download rates. Publishers and advertisers can meeten in a common ecosystem through Portuma’s innovative technology.

Game studios’ revenue models are generally built upon rewarded and interstitial advertising revenue items. However, additional channels and ad spaces that were not hitherto as of today were added to the games through Portuma. The in-game advertising model makes game studios and publishers to maximize their revenue. Let’s check the cases below:

First Case: Axell Studio Games’ Integration into Portuma

Axel Studio’s two games Wonder Racer and Back Streets are integrated into the Portuma ecosystem. The post-integration process goes;

  • We have reached 80 million impression rates in total in these two games.
  • We had 55% retention and a 1200% percentile increase in game time in total.
  • Back Streets gained 3.6K impression rates within an increment of 99% in total.
  • The number of daily download rates per day in active countries was calculated as 1,826 of Back Streets.
  • Click rates have increased.

Second Case: Happy Crab Studio Games’ Integration into Portuma

Happy Crab Studio’s 25 games are integrated into the Portuma ecosystem. The post-integration process goes;

  • We reached 160 million impression rates in total in over 150 countries within these 25 games.
  • Advertisements of the University of Halic, University of Fenerbahce, and Istanbul Airport IGA were published in these mobile games
  • Daily active users of Happy Crab Studio games vary between 50 to 100K.
  • Games are actively played in 10 different countries as the USA, China, Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Portugal, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Argentina.
  • Download rates of the games are over 7 million in total in Google Play Store and Apple Store.
  • Advertisers displayed their ads millions of times
  • Happy Crab Studios’ impression and download rates have increased through in-game advertising.