Turkey’s pioneer game ecosystem Game Factory, which was co-founded by Murat Kahraman, is investing in Turkey’s first in-game advertising platform, having a play, watch and earn integration, Portuma. Two leading companies in the game industry in Turkey are cooperating, making contributions to the development of the game sector, and having unfaltering steps.

Game Factory contributing to the game studios with an expert mentor team and innovative ideas since its foundation, in 2019. They took the road with a motto that says “Help to get help.” and pursued this idea via various educational activities and events.

In 2022, Game Factory became the first global partner of Google for Startups in the game industry. The greatest ecosystem has over 4000 members, 80 game studios, 200 games, and 14 teams that invested by Game Factory currently.

In-Game Ads, In-Game Plans

Portuma is among the leading in-game advertising platforms worldwide and the one in Turkey. Portuma’s greatest ecosystem gathers game studios, game developers, advertisers, and gamers under the same roof to make win everyone integrated into the ecosystem!

Portuma enables game developers and game studios to earn a sustainable, safe, and measurable income within its unique and innovative structure that doesn’t disrupt the game experience via dynamic game ads. Creating a modern point of view towards advertisements, Portuma opened in-game ad areas to real-time ad offers.

Portuma continues to grow and make its partners grow with valued collaborations!