The digital advertising landscape is becoming increasingly complex by the day, demanding robust partnerships and integrations to navigate. This is precisely where Portuma’s latest milestone, the integration with Adform, steps in. This integration not only opens new doors in the world of advertising but also extends more opportunities to our clients.

At Portuma, we continue to invest in technologies and collaborations that shape the future of advertising. In this context, we are thrilled to announce our integration with Adform, a global player with over 29 offices worldwide, more than 650 employees, and a clientele exceeding 2,000. This integration stands as a critical move in ensuring the continuity of Portuma’s advertising reach and promises to offer our clients even more.

At the core of this integration lies our agreement with Adform’s Supply-Side Platform (SSP). Adform’s robust infrastructure and expertise in programmatic advertising will enable easier and more effective access to Portuma’s advertising inventory. This, in turn, will offer our clients improved targeting capabilities, higher conversion rates, and more efficient management of advertising campaigns.

The advantages of this integration with Adform extend beyond Portuma to benefit advertisers and agencies alike. In a time when programmatic advertising is rapidly expanding, advertisers need to reach their target audiences more effectively and manage their campaigns more efficiently. This is where the integration with Adform comes into play.

At Portuma, we are aware of the new opportunities this integration brings to the advertising world and are committed to delivering better services to our clients. We are ready for a new era in the exciting realm of programmatic advertising.