Now you can load balance to your wallet from the app, shop on Por shop, claim what’s in your wallet, and perform stake operations! So what awaits you in the application?

-Our app’s interface has been completely revamped, and new features have been added

-View your loaded balance on the POR Balance page

-Shop with your loaded portokens on the POR Shop page

-Withdraw your earned tokens to your wallet from the Claim section

-Add your Metamask wallets to the app via the Metamask wallet page


POR Balance

-You can connect your Metamask wallet and access the “Por Balance” page.

-To load your Por Balance, go to the add balance page from the menu and select one of the options such as “$50, $100”.

-After completing the transactions, a record will be created in the transactions section at the bottom of the page, and the transfers will appear as “pending


POR Shop

-After the POR Balance transfer is confirmed, the Por balance will be added to the user’s account

-You can use this balance in the POR Shop to purchase products sold through the app



-You can withdraw the tokens you earned from games to your own Metamask wallet.

-To withdraw Portumatokens, you need to have a minimum of 3000 P2E Balance.

-You can see the tokens you earned from games under the “P2E Balance” label in the boxes at the top of the homepage


Connect Metamask Wallet

Through the Metamask wallet page, you can add your Metamask wallets to the app.

-This addition allows you to use your wallets (such as wallet addresses or transaction activities) in real-time within the app.

-To perform staking operations and load balance for the POR shop, you need to connect your Metamask wallets to the app.

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