The Portuma family is thrilled to announce a partnership with Spektra Games!

The last game studio that integrated into Portuma’s innovative ecosystem has become Spektra Games. Turkey’s leading companies in the gaming industry are building a solid relationship together.

Spektra Games reached over 13 million downloads in 2021, growing its ecosystem by participating in Portuma’s in-game advertising integration. The pioneer gaming studio Spektra Games has reached over 1 million downloads with Parking Master Multiplayer even in its first month!

Creative and practical solutions provided by Portuma’s interactive in-game advertising ecosystem will grow and make partners grow together. Portuma, on the other hand, is the first in-game advertising company in Turkey and among the counted ones worldwide. Within p2e integration Portuma, makes gamers earn tokens while playing and doesn’t disrupt the game flow.

IAB-accepted ad ratios in ad spaces enable high-quality visuals. From now on, advertisers who integrated into Portuma can reach thousands of people via Spektra Games’ crazy-fun games!