Aiming to bring together NFT, Metaverse, crypto money, and Web 3.0 technologies that are followed with interest by the whole world, Turkey’s first TOBB-controlled blockchain and metaverse event, Blockchain Expo World, is awaited with great interest. Meanwhile, Portuma, Turkey’s first in-game advertising company, became the media partner of Blockchain Expo World!

With the motto “To be ahead of time“, Blockchain Expo World announces the event that will open the door to opportunities such as new business lines, partnerships, and collaborations created by blockchain technology, while businesses are becoming more aware of the value of blockchain technology.

Businesses that want to take a closer look at the opportunities, and take their places in the sector, created by blockchain technology and its segments, will take their place at Blockchain Expo World. On the other hand, it is known that many companies from blockchain solution providers to cryptocurrency exchanges will take part in the fair.

In addition to physical participants, many virtual visitors from the metaverse will be able to participate in the event, which will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center on 22-25 December. Blockchain Expo World is the first blockchain exhibition supported by TOBB in Turkey, and has agreed with Portuma for a media partnership!

Portuma’s unifying and innovative ecosystem enables advertisers to reach the right target audience through in-game advertising, while p2e integration provides direct and indirect profits to stakeholders integrated into its system.

Many companies interested in the metaverse, crypto money, NFT, web3, and blockchain will attend the fair, which will last for three days, as well relevant NGOs, associations, and student clubs.