Would you like to become a shareholder of PortumaToken, the world’s first in-game advertising token, which has increased its value by over 400%? Join a growing ecosystem with pioneering projects and strategic partnerships.

PortumaToken is a groundbreaking technopark company in in-game advertising. As a member of the International Advertising Bureau (IAB), we adhere to global standards in digital advertising. Our IAB Vendor membership allows us to export our technology internationally.

Additionally, we have been accepted into the Google for Startups program, highlighting our commitment to innovation and leadership in digital advertising.

How Do I Become a Shareholder?

1-Become a Portoken Holder: You need to own 50 million Portoken to make an investment.

2-Submit Your Application: Applications will be collected at [email protected]. Please send a document introducing yourself and explaining why you want to become a shareholder.

3-Evaluation Process: Your application will be reviewed, and if deemed suitable, we will contact you.

4-Become a Shareholder: Upon approval, you can own 1% of PortumaToken. A notarized share transfer agreement will be required, and all processes will be conducted face-to-face.


  1. Share Limit: One person can acquire a maximum of 2% shares. Maximum Supply: The total supply is limited to 20%.
  2. Token Burn: Half of the collected tokens will be burned. Evaluation: Applications will be evaluated by us, and shares will be allocated to eligible applicants.
  3. Documents: Required documents must be submitted with applications.
  4. Legal Procedures: All transactions will be conducted legally.
  5. One-Time Only: This share acquisition process will not be repeated.
  6. Applications: Preliminary applications will only be accepted via [email protected].

Application deadline 20 July 2024. To apply, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]. All the details to own 1% shares are on our website; www.portoken.com/invest