As Portuma, we received an invitation to the World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum to be held in Dubai! We were invited to the forum where many investors will come together and look for projects to support. We will go to Dubai and tell about Portuma, meet with many investments and introduce Portuma, Turkey’s first in-game advertising company, to the global. We are proud to announce that we have declared ourselves in every geography from the west to the east and that Portuma is one of the rare Turkish investors who will represent Turkey in Weif.

The Weif Forum will be held in Dubai, one of the most magnificent cities in the Middle East, with hundreds of investors and thousands of participants. Weif, which will make the youth’s passion for innovation and entrepreneurship shine and make them a part of the future, brings the young and innovative spirit of Portuma to Dubai.

WEIF, which is supported by many local and international funds in the world, is holding a very important event supported by a universal organization such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, valuable non-governmental organizations and financial development funds and many different important formations.

With Weif, we will become a part of universal growth and global recognition. We are going to mark Weif with Portuma, Turkey’s first Silicon Valley project!