As Portuma, we come across you as a platform where all game companies of the world can be included in the ecosystem and receive advertisements from many advertisers. The interest from investors in our project, which will be implemented in a very short time and we have successfully completed its tests, is quite high!

The Portuma project, which we developed within Trakya Teknopark, is the first platform in the world game market that can rent advertising spaces for all games. KOSGEB, which supports entrepreneurs to create new business areas, provided 450 thousand TL support for the project in this sense. In addition to this, as Portuma, an in-game and metaverse advertising company, we have been continuing our negotiations with different game companies recently. Advertising companies and game studios that want to receive advertisements come together through Portuma. Advertisers can choose the most suitable games for their advertising campaigns and place their advertisements. Of course, game studios accept any advertisement they want! With this operation, an innovative system is created that can bring together alternative advertisers and game companies in the game industry, thanks to Portuma. In short, the world is changing and investors who want to take their place in this changing world try to reach Portuma before it’s too late!

Our project, which has attracted the attention of game companies and investors in every field since the day it was announced, aims to achieve significant momentum in the in-game advertising sector. In line with this goal, we realized that we attracted the attention of investors and we took our place as Portuma among the initiatives supported by KOSGEB!