As Portuma, we have successfully completed our tests on Google Play infrastructure in the past weeks. Our tests for Google Play, in which 88 people participated, took a week. In this week, our participants played our game Back Streets, which was integrated into our system, for 53,956 minutes in total. Thanks to Portuma, the ads, which were conveniently integrated into the game, received a total of 103,083 views.

We have completed our tests within our own structure, but we have opened the test environment to our users in order to show that we have successfully integrated the Play/watch and earn system and the rental of in-game advertising spaces. We also got good feedback from users.

On top of that, we expected to open it to our users by integrating our systems into Apple’s IOS infrastructure. This week we announce that we have successfully integrated into the Apple IOS infrastructure! As of today, more than a hundred users waiting to participate in our tests have started to receive emails from Apple with Testflight links. Our users can click on the incoming Testflight links and log in to the test environment we have successfully created.

We were able to run Portuma’s systems in harmony with Apple and Google Play infrastructures, and we proved it with our tests. We are ready to evaluate the feedback made by our users for the tests! So, are you ready to participate in the tests and win?