As one of the few in-game advertising companies in the world, we made the second university integration into Portuma. Also, Esenyurt University decided to use Portuma’s in-game ad spaces during their university selection period. Esenyurt University, which took its place in the changing and developing technology world, became one of the first universities to use the in-game advertising sector.

As Portuma, there are a lot of game studios and hundreds of games from 15 different categories in our ecosystem. Advertisers can easily reach nearly 4 million daily active users from 156 countries. Advertisers, who can choose games according to their target audience and advertise in the games they want, also create a positive impression against their ads by not disrupting the game experience of the players.

Esenyurt University also chose to integrate Portuma’s technology with its innovative vision. The most innovative way to reach students who will choose a university in the 2022 election period, chose Portuma. 

As Portuma, the first in-game advertising company in Turkey, we grow more and more with our partnership agreements, game studios and advertiser agreements. In this way, we aim to reach the advertisers to their target audiences in a healthy way by providing an additional source of income to the game studios.