As Portuma, Turkey’s first and only in-game advertising company, we became a technology partner with German-based global company Adjust. We have previously stated that we will announce our partnerships with many advertising exchanges. This week, we are announcing our newest technology partnership.


What is Adjust?

Adjust is an analytics platform that offers user data protection tools along with campaign measurement and optimization to help marketers grow their mobile apps. It has partnership with thousands of global advertisers and game studios. Adjust, the most famous app analytics company in Europe and the world, has now added Portuma to its technology background after the partnership agreement they signed with us as Portuma.

After this partnership, Adjust and Portuma’s systems will be connected to each other and together with Portuma, many global advertisers will be able to advertise in the games without disturbing the players. Likewise, game studios that are already integrated with Adjust will be able to easily integrate into Portuma and generate additional revenue for their games. At the same time, game studios will be able to integrate advertisements into their games through Portuma from many global advertisers.