Portuma is among the counted in-game advertisement platforms worldwide and one in Turkey; made the University of Haliç and University of Esenyurt have reached in total of 5,5 million impression rate happened via dynamic in-game ads that don’t disrupt the game experience.

Portuma meetens game studios that integrated into Portuma with advertisers into its ecosystem, bringing in an innovative and unique point of view to the perception of advertisement.

The University of Esenyurt Gained More Than 3 Million Impressions with Portuma!

The University of Esenyurt included in the innovative in-game advertising system of Portuma that reconstructs advertising perception;

  • 40,198 with Back Streets game integrated into Portuma ecosystem,
  • 2,838,534 with Wonder Racer game,
  • 488,592 impressions with the Europe Truck Simulator game, and achieved a total of 3,367,324 impressions.

The University of Haliç Reached More Than 2 Million Impressions with Portuma!

The University of Haliç wants to reach the most accurate target audience and continue its advertising activities in an innovative way with Portuma which is the platform of in-game advertising system that radically changes the advertising industry;

  • 120,224 with the Back Streets game,
  • 1,551,394 with Wonder Racer game,
  • 631,567 impressions with the Europe Truck Simulator game, and reached 2,303,185 impressions in total!

We brought into the University of Esenyurt and the University of Haliç with 1605 gamers in total 1437 of them is Türk in a split second like 2 months. Portuma’s system does not disrupt the game experience meanwhile allowing ad impressions; continuing the integrate brands into its ecosystem.

The University of Haliç and the University of Esenyurt are among the advertisers of the Portuma ecosystem and have discovered that in-game advertising is one of the greatest ways to reach younger generations.

Portuma ecosystem has gathered gamers of all ages, the average age is measured as 26. Our advertisers have gained a global audience by bringing their brands together with users from China, France, America, England, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Vietnam, Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands as well as Turkey.

In addition to the University of Haliç and the University of Esenyurt, we have made the brands that are integrated into Portuma’s system reach nearly 6.5 million impressions. The Portuma ecosystem radically changes the perception of advertising and makes it easier to appeal to the younger generation with its innovative solutions.