The emergence of P2E games made exchanging digital assets for real currencies simple. Anything you earn in the digital world is exchangeable now. The face of in-game advertising, Portuma creates a fun, creative, and innovative ecosystem for publishers and advertisers by providing the integration of p2e games.

Well, what is P2E in the blockchain market? Let’s dive into it!

P2E in Blockchain Market

P2E stands for “play-to-earn” and it brings gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts together. Practically play-to-earn indicates a sector where gamers play video games and earn digital assets by doing that.

We believe many games with great target audiences will adopt this technology in the not-so-far future. Usually, play-to-earn games offer tokens and NFTs to gamers that can be used in the game for special features, guns, or skills; and can be sold to have fiat money.

It can be said the more games are popular, the more people play to earn. Blockchain gaming started to draw attention from investors in 2021 within Axie Infinity. In play to earn games; NFTs and tokens will be gifted to the gamers simultaneously. These digital assets can be sold via cryptocurrency exchanges or traded with other NFTs.

Critics say: “No one says let’s play the new crypto game together because they aren’t funny.” However, according to Anton Link, CEO of Unitbox Protocol, play-to-earn games don’t have to be fun, because gamers’ goal is to make a profit and be the first ones who gained valued experiences.

How do P2E Games Work?

The principle of play to earn gaming is the pay to gamers for playing these games. Payments are generally in cryptocurrency and NFT forms. When users continue to play these games, they can build up a collection of digital assets and exchange these cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The breakthrough part of this integration is the ease of ownership of cryptocurrencies by expanding its orbit. Blockchain technology creates extraordinarily beneficial digital economics and provides the collectibility of digital assets.

First In-Game Advertising Token Worldwide

Portoken is a digital asset that is a token of the Portuma Project. The revolutionary part about Portoken is it’s the first in-game advertising token worldwide. Gaming environment developing around the orbit of blockchain gaming. Portuma’s creative, innovative, and fun environment enables gamers to earn tokens while they play within p2e integration. As game studios (publishers) and advertisers integrate into our ecosystem, we are building a mutual system that every participant can benefit from it.

In-game advertising technology does not disrupt the gameplay and does not harm gamers. While users play the games, they don’t have to deal with bothering pop-up ads. You might wonder why is that important, let us explain:

  • When gameplay doesn’t disrupt by external factors, impression and retention rates will increase since gamers enjoy the game.
  • As a parallel of increment of retention and impression rates, download numbers will increase, too.
  • Advertisers have new ad spaces to display and reach new target audiences.

However, the play-to-earn integration is a step ahead of IGA. Within p2e integration, gamers can earn tokens while they are playing. When they “see” the ads (they don’t have to do anything but play because ad spaces are embedded in games) they earn tokens.


Axell Studio which Portuma is integrated into two games such as Wonder Racer and Back Streets. We have reached 80 million impression rates in total in these two games. We had 55% retention and a 1200% percentile increase in game time. Back Streets game gained a respectable amount of increment in impression rates after its integration into Portuma. 2.57 playing time was obtained in the 3-minute game Back Streets. Also, click rates have increased, too.

You can see the increment of download rates in Back Streets after the P2E integration below:

Back Streets Sample

Back Streets Sample