Portuma depends on its own technology and infrastructure to provide the best service to its ecosystem partners. We mind advertising quality and take precautions to protect digital advertising expenditures accordingly.
On the other hand, Portuma-backed-up technology and infrastructureenable us to prevent fraud in reaching real users in advertisement displays.

Why are ads quality and fraud detection decisive and what are they actually? Let’s dive into it.

Fraud Detection in In-Game Advertising

Fraud detection in in-game advertising refers to the practice of identifying and preventing fraudulent activity in the context of advertising within video games. This can include a variety of illegal or unethical behavior, such as click fraud, where individuals or automated software programs click on an advertisement in order to generate revenue for the person or entity behind the ad.

Fraud detection in in-game advertising is important because it helps to ensure that advertisers receive the appropriate value for their investment and that the integrity of the advertising ecosystem is maintained.

Fraud detection is important in in-game advertising for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps to ensure that advertisers receive the appropriate value for their investment. If fraudulent activity is not detected and stopped, advertisers may end up paying for clicks or impressions that are not genuine, which can significantly impact the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Second, fraud detection helps to maintain the integrity of the in-game advertising ecosystem. If fraudulent activity is allowed to go unchecked, it can create a negative impression of the industry and lead to a loss of trust among advertisers and consumers. This, in turn, can harm the overall health of the in-game advertising market.

Finally, fraud detection can help to protect the interests of game developers and publishers, who may be the targets of fraudulent activity or may inadvertently be complicit in it. By detecting and preventing fraudulent activity, game developers and publishers can help to ensure that their games are not used as a vehicle for fraudulent advertising, which can have a negative impact on their reputation and bottom line.

Ads Quality in In-Game Advertising

Ads quality in in-game advertising refers to the overall standard of the advertisements that appear within video games. This can include factors such as the relevance of the ads to the game and its players, the placement of the ads within the game, and the quality of the creative content of the ads.

Ads quality is important in in-game advertising because it can impact the effectiveness of the advertising, as well as the overall user experience. High-quality ads that are well-matched to the game and its players are more likely to be noticed and engaged with by players, which can help to drive better results for advertisers.

On the other hand, low-quality ads that are irrelevant or intrusive can disrupt the player experience and lead to a negative perception of the game and the advertising within it.

Portuma’s technology and infrastructure evolving everyday to maintain ads quality and prevent fraud detection. Furthermore, we became an IAB member to increase quality of advertisements and provide ad spaces on global ad ratios to our partners.