Announcing partnership with advertising infrastructure providers Adsyield and Adjust in the past few days, Portuma announced a partnership with UK-Based sector pioneer LoopMe! In this way, Portuma collaborates with Adsyeld, Adjust, Adform, Admixer, InMobi, PubMatic, E-Planning, AOL, Yahoo, Axonix, OpenX, AppNexus, Sonobi, AdTarget, AdMatic, ImproveDigital, RubiConProject, ContextWeb, ConversantMedia, Xandr, TripleLift, Media.Net, ShareThrough Connected, and Stroeer.

LoopMe, the global advertising infrastructure provider headquartered in the UK, has 15 global offices in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore, Syndey, Tokyo, Dnipro, Krakow, and Hong Kong.
LoopMe and Portuma announced on their social media accounts the news of Portuma is powered by LoopMe.

As of today, Portuma has been connected to in total of 25 global advertising infrastructure providers. Thus, Portuma provides a continuous flow of advertisements from 25 global advertising providers to game studios integrated into its ecosystem.

Portuma and Oyunder Partnership

Pioneer in-game advertising platform Portuma has recently become a member of Oyunder. Oyunder President Tansu Kendirli was one of Portuma’s strategic advisors. Taking their relationship one step further, Portuma and Oyunder announced a partnership in the past few days.

Furthermore, Portuma announced a partnership with the IAB. Portuma makes in-game advertising spaces applicable to global standards within the partnership. In this process, Portuma has integrated its infrastructure and technology with global IAB standards. IAB is the world’s largest digital marketing and advertising industry association and supports the sustainable and healthy development of the digital advertising industry worldwide.

About Portuma Project

Turkey’s first in-game advertising platform Portuma enables game developers and game studios to generate a sustainable, measurable, and secure income. Portuma draws the attention of gamers with its innovative and unique ad technology that does not harm the game flow.

Bringing together game developers, advertisers, and game studios in its ecosystem, Portuma creates a new advertising model by giving digital advertising a non-traditional space. It made the new revenue model accessible to game studios and advertisers. This allowed Portuma to open in-game ad spaces to real-time ad offers.

Integrated into the Portuma ecosystem; mobile, PC, MMORPG, and console game developers can increase the impression, retention, and download rates. Advertisers, on the other hand, can reach new audiences with the global advertising spaces they have gained access to.

Portuma has 5 million active users in 15 different categories and 177 countries and has brought more than 65 million downloads to game studios integrated into its ecosystem. Meanwhile, Portuma provides over 12 million impressions to its partners in in-game advertising. Participating in global game fairs such as Gamescom, Mobidictum, and WEIF, Portuma continues to meet with many global companies.

Founder and CEO of Portuma Ozan Emrah Ünal

Ozan Emrah Ünal the founder and CEO of Portuma, touched upon the importance of Turkey in the global gaming industry. Ünal said, “We know that Turkish game studios are among the companies that receive the most investment in the global game industry. We aim to reach 5% for the first year by further strengthening the Portuma ecosystem in the in-game advertising market with a value of 7 billion dollars.”

Ozan Emrah Ünal, the founder and agency head of the successful advertising agency Destex Digital. Also, he is the founding partner of Axell Studio, Turkey’s first local game company. At the same time, Ünal is the founder and CEO of Portuma, the first in-game advertising company.