Mobile games in Europe increased by 16.7% in 2021, generating $11.2 billion in revenue.


Sensor Tower published a new report on the European side of the gaming industry in 2021.


Social networking applications in Europe showed a rapid increase in 2021. Mobile games also increased in parallel and increased their total revenues. Gamer spending in Europe accounted for 12.7% of global mobile gaming revenues.


When we look at the game industry globally, the game revenues in the App Store are higher than the game revenues of the Google Play Store, but when we look at the European basis, this situation seems to be the opposite. Google Play Store accounted for 57.5% of mobile game revenues in Europe, and the App Store accounted for the remaining 42.5%.

Spending on showcase games by gamers in Germany reached $1.3 billion, accounting for 24.2% of all mobile gaming revenues in the country. Germany came first in Europe in gaming spending, followed by the UK and France, respectively.


According to the report, the hyper-casual category became the first 5 games of the 10 most downloaded games.