According to Mobidictum december game sector report;


  • In-game purchases are more on IOS on 2021
  • In 2021, it was very dominant in the market of far eastern countries.
  • Runner Games are hits in October, November and December.
  • The mobile game industry is expected to grow 86% between 2022-23.


If we make an analysis;

Casual games became the most downloaded game category in 2021. The game category with the highest revenue of the year was Core category. There have been some changes in mobile game sub-categories, these are; Spending on the strategy sub-category was up 32%, spending on the RPG-MMORPG sub-category was up 500%, and most recently, spending on the simulation sub-category was up 57%.

The number of players of the most popular 10 NFT games increased by more than 3 million in total.


The Predictions About Game Sector for 2023

It is predicted that total downloads of Google Play will increase by 61% and become 67,2 billion. Besides this, total player spending is expected to increase by 13.5% to reach 117 billion dollars by 2023.

Eastern Asia and Europe are predicted to be over than the global ratio.Southeast Asia’s income is expected to grow by 88% between 2020-2023, while Europe is expected to grow by 76% over the same period. On a North American basis, it is expected to be in line with the worldwide rate.


Daily Spending on Mobile Games

In 2021, gamers spent over $350 million a day on mobile games. Spending on the App Store was the highest with $85.1 billion, while spending on Google Play games was stated as $47.9 billion. According to these data, users spent around $370 million per day, which equates to $11 billion per month. Total spending in 2021 shows a 19.71% growth compared to last year’s amount.

The highest expenditures were made in the following countries, respectively; The United States (up 34% to $6.1 billion), Japan (up 35% to $5.2 billion), China (up 6% to $3.9 billion), and Germany (up 33% to $593 million).