According to Xenoss research, growth in the in-game advertising industry is predicted to be 11% annually. 

It is thought that the market size, which will be 7.6 billion dollars in 2022, will increase to 17.6 billion dollars in 2030!

The growth of in-game advertising has accelerated since the mid-2010s. The best proof of this is shown by the study conducted by Xenoss. Some AdTechs quickly realized that in-game advertising was a lucrative market.

In its study, Xenoss includes the following information about in-game advertising:

‘’When done right, in-game advertising can secure higher engagement rates and longer time-in-view than other digital ad formats. As a creative medium, in-game advertising also opens new customer activation opportunities  from personalized virtual billboard campaigns to branded metaverse merch.

Unlike other digital ad types, in-game advertising also sits better with consumers. Seven in 10 UK gamers feel positive or neutral towards organically embedded in-game advertising. Among console gamers, 22% are more likely to buy brands advertised in games.’