Fenerbahçe University became the advertiser of Portuma, Turkey’s first in-game advertising company.

Aiming to capture the young audience who are in the preparation stage for university, the university began to be seen in the game studios integrated into Portuma. As one of Turkey’s leading foundation universities, Fenerbahçe University cares about using innovative channels during the preference period.

There are many game studios and more than 70 games integrated into Portuma. With these games, the advertiser can reach 80 million downloads, 177 countries and more than 4 million daily users. With Portuma, advertisers reach their target audience in an innovative way and their ads do not leave a negative impression. Portuma places ads inside the games without disturbing the users and does not disrupt the game flow.

Portuma, which will announce all its technology with its upcoming launch, is preparing to cooperate with major advertisers.