We are happy to announce a strategic partnership collaboration with blockchain gaming GameFi platform Ratic.

Ratic is a GameFi initiative that constitutes mobile gaming super-app backed by blockchain aiming that make blockchain games accessible, understandable, and easy for everyone. Users can participate in the platform via their phone numbers. Also, creators can use Ratic’s protocol and develop their blockchain games via SDK help.

Integrating mobile games with blockchain technology, Ratic enables this innovative technology will be accessible to every part of the ecosystem. Portuma, on the other hand, has a play-to-earn system that facilitates gamers to earn POR Tokens while they are playing without disrupting the game flow. With Ratic’s Visa infrastructure, POR Token will be listed on the Visa market and can be converted to USD from anywhere worldwide.

As an in-game advertising company, Portuma brings advertisers, game developers, agencies, and gamers together into one ecosystem to make everyone win!