World’s leading media and content platform that shares effective, reliable, and accountable news on financial transformation, cryptocurrency economy, and digital assets; CoinDesk’s Turkey edition, CoinDesk Turkey, became an advertiser of Portuma!

CoinDesk is an integrated platform that shares the latest news with its community to maintain a transparent information flow. Likewise, CoinDesk Turkey has the same goal of preserving the rising generation of investment and the future of money via different channels such as media, events, data, and indexes.

In the new era of the digital world full of concepts like transparency, accountability, and monitorability; CoinDesk Turkey is trying to sustain the correct flow of information, as the global business world and economic structure tend to be decentralized and can be created brand-new business models as well as present ones becoming evolving.

As an extension of CoinDesk’s transparent and unique structure, CoinDesk Turkey decided to become an advertiser of Portuma for reaching new target audiences in the game industry in relation to the cryptocurrency world as a natural consequence of Portuma’s path-breaking project, aka PORtoken.

We are happy to announce the partnership and are excited to help with the well-designed purpose of reaching transparent data!