There are some problems with traditional advertising. 

Some of them are; 

  • The technological change that happened in the marketing and advertising sectors made searching new marketing areas a necessity for a lot of companies, the brands that were content with traditional advertisement types started to stay behind their competitors. 
  • The advertisements which occur in the game areas are whole screen and have a structure that takes the game experience away from reality. These obligatory advertisements which affect game playing negatively disturb the experience of the consumers.
  • The game developers want to get in-game ads to make game areas more realistic and generate sustainable income but they have difficulty to reach the brands.
  •  Digital and personalized communication is replacing mass communication and traditional advertising is losing its effect.
  •  The brands which create special campaigns and want to provide a unique experience to their audience by interacting with them cannot achieve the desired result with the limits of available advertisement spaces.


However, Portuma has the solutions for these problems. Also these are;

  •  To provide new market places and advertisement spaces that will make brands stand out from their competitors for the brands that do not want to be confined with traditional advertising spaces.
  • To ensure that consumers/users’ motivation directly to the game and indirectly to the in-game advertisements.
  •  To create the new advertisement places which protect the gamer’s right to play games and get the game experiences better.
  •  To provide sustainable income generation for the game developers and to bring together brands and developers on a single platform.
  •  To create a personalized and realistic experience between the brand and users.