Last week, Portuma was invited to WEIF 2022 Dubai. Portuma also participated in the world entrepreneurs investment forum, which is held every year. Portuma came together with investors and Startup Companies from many different sectors. Portuma had the opportunity to talk about partnership and investment with these companies. CEO of Portuma, Mesut Numanoğlu mentioned Portuma’s products, advantages and how its ecosystem works.

What is WEIF?

WEIF World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum is an annual forum that brings together many investors and entrepreneurs from different sectors around the world. This forum, which enables innovative entrepreneurs to be supported and sustainable, is of great importance for Startup companies and investors. Portuma was invited to WEIF as an innovative entrepreneur.

Portuma, which continues its existence as an in-game advertising platform in the growing game industry, has started to attract the attention of local and foreign game studios. Portuma was met with great interest in the meetings at WEIF, as it provides unique opportunities to game studios and advertisers.


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