Advertiser and Publisher dashboards which you can reach with the button of ‘access’ on Portuma’s website, were opened in past months. Thanks to our dashboard for game studios, game studios can upload their in-game ad spaces to the dashboard in a way that advertisers can see and determine their games’ categories. Also, advertisers can choose the category of the games and send their advertising requests to the game studios.

As of today, our gamer dashboard is open! So, what does it mean? Why would gamers want to register here? In this post, we will briefly mention the advantages of the gamer dashboard.

First of all, gamers can list all the games which are integrated into our system according to their category. Besides that, gamers can see all the games which have the play/watch and earn system. Basically, you can determine which game you can earn money from according to its category and start playing! Additionally, you can access the information about how much you have played which game and how much POR you have earned.

Our dashboard that belongs to the gamers allows the players to manage their PORs more easily and to follow their games. Come visit our gamer dashboard and see our POR-winning games!